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Our digital training products are designed to help you get the most from our products and services. Whether you’re experienced or inexperienced in the world of online marketing, our step-by-step training and support will help build your confidence and understanding of a particular area within your online business.

Digital Training Products

We focus on delivering training in a number of key areas.

Induction Program

Our Induction Program was built as a means of introducing people and businesses to the idea of running an online business and gives an overview of some of the many moving parts that exist within the day to day operation. We cover the steps to get online with a website, the concept of digital product creation, how to effectively generate leads for your business by capturing your audience and finally an overview of traffic generation methods.

Startup Academy

The Startup Academy was put together as a comprehensive getting started with an online business type of program with the added twist of aiming to get the bare essentials and fundamentals in place within the 4 weeks of the course. It covers a broad range of the components needed to run an online business and gives a good grounding knowledge of what needs to be done. The course has undergone many updates, with its latest update coming in to place in April 2021.

Digital Product Academy

The Digital Product Academy incorporates the nuts and bolts of the industry which we operate in, digital products, and our speciality being information based products. This course was devised to help people understand the type of information products that can be created as well as to how to actually create them and sell them to your audience. This is a simple, easy to follow course that will help you build the product library that will sustain your business for the long term.

Crowd Generator

Traffic is the life blood of any online business. Traffic essentially means people, website visitors, and without these your business will flat line. It is not just the about volume of visitors either, just having huge amounts of traffic does not guarantee any success so instead what we focus on in this course is getting the traffic and directing it to where we need it to go to give us maximum return on the time we invest in getting these website visitors to begin with.

Circle Of Success

The Circle Of Success is an interactive training program so not only does it have beginner and intermediate levels of online business and marketing training, but also allows the members to engage by asking questions about elements specific to their own circumstances in business via monthly webinars and questions and answers sessions. This membership platform aims to help as many aspiring business owners overcome hurdles they may face regardless of their experience.

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