Have you ever heard that saying about fear, and that you have nothing to fear except fear itself?

I for one can vouch that this is incredibly true and can remember how petrified I was when I finally released my very first digital training product to an audience I had built online. The training course was so simple and one that very little in many ways could have gone wrong with it. It was a simple WordPress training course that I sold not only to offline businesses that I had contracted with in the past when they bought a website from me but also to a small list of a few hundred subscribers I’d built up over a short period of time online. The thought of pressing send on that one email scared the life out of me and it was all down to fear.

There wasn’t anything scary about pressing the send button, but what would happen next was an unknown to me, and that unknown scared me. Would it go down like a lead balloon and not make a single sale, or would this make a hundred or more sales and if that was the case, what new challenges would I have to face then and was I ready for them? Man alive, those thoughts had stopped me for so long in actually progressing with the sale of my digital training online and in the end I made that leap of faith and hit the send button and just thought that whatever came next, I had to experience it if I was to stand any chance of growing an online business and that I in fact I had nothing to fear except fear itself.

The product did really well and looking back now, I think that I always believed that it would do well because of the relationship I had built with the people who went on to buy my training course. They already knew me, maybe some liked me, maybe some found that I would deliver exactly what I said I was going to based on their previous experience of working with me or following what I did online. Whatever it was, I can always remember the feeling in my stomach when I watched my PayPal balance go up and up and up and then imagining all the things that I could do next to make those customers even happier with the training they had bought from me as well as ‘mind shopping’ for a gift that I could get as a reward for myself and my efforts, because it’s super important to reward yourself when things go right because that alters the way you feel about achievement. If you get a reward for something, you are likely to want to go and do that again so that you can reward yourself again and this can help to create a pattern. It’s a big like giving a dog some chocolate drops when they learn to sit, roll over or whatever else you want to teach them, by giving them a reward, they will do it over and over because they want the reward. Maybe we as humans aren’t too much different sometimes…

But my point from all of this is, if you don’t go out there and do something, how do you know what the rewards could be, and would it matter all that much if you failed to hit a target you set for yourself? Could you reevaluate what you’ve done and try to identify where you may have not focused enough attention and then next time you make sure that you go and nail those things you identified?

One thing I’ve found out consistently is that you learn so much more from doing and getting a mix of things right and wrong than you ever will by not doing at all. It really comes down to biting the bullet and going for it and not being disheartened when things don’t quite go to plan and just taking it as a learning experience that you can do better next time.

A lot of people that I speak to often don’t find themselves (in my opinion) working hard enough or consistently enough at something because their situation isn’t bad enough that they want to move away from it quickly, meaning that they are kinda comfortably where they are in life right now and there’s no sense of urgency to get stuff done because it will only improve their lives a little rather than drastically improving their situation. You often find with people, especially when you look online at those who have become successful, they all have a similar kind of story, coming from a background involving serious debts and their situations were so dire that they had no choice other than to do everything that was humanly possible and then some more on top of that again so that they could move away from the pain in their lives and start getting some of the good stuff that they wanted and that motivated them to go and get more of the same again. I know my story didn’t start off with any financial problems but they did exist the deeper I got into my learning and being hooked on the idea of buying a simple solution when in fact there wasn’t one and anything you want to achieve online or offline is going to take substantial effort, sleepless nights, maybe more than one at a time, I think my own record is 50+ hours of being awake before going and getting a solid 8 hours and then starting work all over again.

It’s about looking at yourself and determining how bad you actually want something, and if you want it bad enough then you’ll make the necessary changes in your life to make it happen. Change is growth, and growth is what living a happy life is all about, embrace that change and force it to write a new page in your book of life and keep doing it until the book you write is one that represents a life that has been lived without the fear of not knowing.

Go out there and do stuff, even if it scares you.

I’ll see you again tomorrow for the last post for this mindset series.