This is the third installment in my mindset blog post series and this is a big one today and one that you may or may not have even thought that was something that could be impacting negatively on your life and so I pose the questions:

Are you guilty by association?

Are you, or the people around you holding you back?

Now before you answer those questions, I want you to hear me out especially before you go and start deleting the phone numbers of all the negative people that you are surrounded by or before you start crossing names off the Christmas card list but the message behind this post is serious.

This was something that many years ago, I didn’t realise how much of an impact this was having on my well being and as a result was impacting on so many other areas of my life and once I’d pin pointed that this was a possible cause and did something about it, I noticed that many other things changed as well. This isn’t something that everyone is going to be able to immediately do something about because you need people around you to become successful and it is way BETTER if those people are also passionate, thoughtful, kind, happy and are motivated to bring change for the better into not only their lives but yours and others too.

I’m sure we’ve all got that one friend or family who we are convinced is highly medicated because there is absolutely no way someone can be that happy all the time and the more you think about how happy they are, one of two things can happen, the first which is most common is the resentment towards that person for being too happy because you are not, and the second which is the one you need to feel, is being reminiscent of all the fun and happy times that you and that friend have shared over the years and how that makes you feel puts a big fat juicy smile on your face and if your lucky maybe a laugh or too as well. The second one is how you want to feel when you think of that incredibly happy person, because no matter what life has thrown at them, they are still able to smile and live their life content and happy with whatever is going on, they are the ones with that positive outlook that you need to adopt.

One of the biggest and most negative impacts on my life a few years back was the common trend of people not understanding the reasons why I was setting up my own business and more importantly (so I thought at the time) was them not really believing that I could do it, almost just humoring me until the ‘phase’ had past. I had a good job at the time when I decided to set up my business and in all honesty, I had the ability to climb the corporate ladder, it was just the corporate ladder for me didn’t have any urgency and it was something that would have taken years to get to the point where I would get to carry out a job that would fill me with self worth and motivate me enough to keep getting out of bed to do. The corporate structure often didn’t allow for people to move up and around quickly and instead frowned upon those who were actively ambitious and not afraid to show that they were serious and meant business about moving forward because the people who worked around you had their own ambitions suppressed or even taken away from them completely. It was hard working around some people where you could actually see this happening over a period of time, they’d come in through the door on their first day, pumped, enthusiastic about bringing their attributes to the team and shaking things up a little and they, over time would be beaten down by policy and procedure that exists in most of the corporate world right the way up to the point where you would see the life sucked out of them, and now they were mere robotic shells just functioning on autopilot and afraid to put forward innovative thinking or a touch of creative flair for fear of it being thrown back in their face because others around them didn’t have any fight left in them.

The way that I overcame this was simply down to communicating with more positive minds, people who worked in the same industry as I was setting up in that had already achieved some success and were equally as eager as I was to achieve more and more, and then I literally found myself surrounded by these motivated individuals and a by product of that was that this completely changed how my mind worked and operated until I was at the point of a champagne bottle that had been shaken vigorously and I was at the point of exploding with passion, drive, motivation, determination and all these other hugely positive factors that make up a very special mindset that allows you to go places, places that before seemed mere pipe dreams.

If you are unable to do this locally then you can still do this online, so don’t feel like you have to exclude yourself. Try finding some groups or communities online within social networks such as Facebook where you can connect with people who like to share positivity and those all important good vibrations. It will really help you when someone shares the same enthusiasm for your goals as you do.

So my tip from this post, surround yourself with the right kinds of people, if you are going to be guilty by association then make sure it’s the good kind that drives you forward and closer to the goals you have set for your life.

Look out for the next post in this series and as always let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.