The sixth and final installment of the mindset blog series is here and if you’ve made it this far and read all the entries leading up to this point I want to say that I am grateful for the time you’ve taken to go through each of the articles as I know how precious time can be. At the same time, I really hope that some of what I have shared with you in these entries has been beneficial to you and that you can take some things away that you can relate to and go ahead and make whatever changes you feel necessary so that chasing your dream stops becoming the chasing of your tail and instead gives you that real possibility that you can make your dreams come true.

I’ve wanted to write a post like this for a while but have always been a little weary of the fact that this may cause annoyance in some people because they miss the point of what I am actually trying to say. This article isn’t going to say that anyone who isn’t successful hasn’t reached their goal of success because they are lazy but instead want to come at this from the angle of making choices that directly impact the kind of results you can get from your efforts.

Being someone that helps others build their online business and teaches them in a variety of methods about ways in which they can overcome certain obstacles that they might be facing, I often find that when people are faced with an obstacle that is going to take a tremendous amount of effort to overcome they will often go away and try to cheat their way to their goal or look to find some secret shortcut or buy into some falsely advertised promise that tells them they need to do little to no work to make something happen for them. This can be a little bit frustrating when people ask your advice on a topic only to find that they have little to no intention of trying to work through something and instead they always seem to opt for the easiest options all the time hoping they’ll get a result rather than knuckling down and working hard at something for a good amount of time and knowing that those efforts will yield the result that they want.

If there’s one thing that I have found with my online business, it’s that shortcuts lead to short term results.

That kind of thing is fine if you want to continuously be looking for the next big thing to tie you over for a month or two at a time but you have to realise that when you take your foot off the gas, all these things will slowly fade away and your profits fall sharply as a result too.

Instead the way I like to run my business online is by focusing on results and continuously working to improve on each and every single one of these elements that positively impact my business. It’s when I work hard at testing various elements that I find that I can nearly always improve on what I’ve done so that it continuously yields the bigger and better results that my business needs to continue to grow. This can be hard at times, and I often find myself working all day and night and then all day the next day to get something just right and then taking a few hours off to catch up on some sleep before going at it again to test the new results that come in and if I had to make further changes or edits then I go and do those before I test things again and again.

Think about website traffic for a moment. One of the biggest issues I see people facing online is that fact that they struggle to get traffic to their website and if their sites got more traffic they’d get more leads or subscribers. More often than not, their main problem is in fact their inability to convert what traffic they do get highly enough to make the number of leads they do get worthwhile.

Here’s an example:

1000 visitors to a page with a 5% conversion rate = 50 subscribers

200 visitors to a page with a 25% conversion rate = 50 subscribers

So with a 5th of the traffic they get the same number of subscribers, and if they optimised the page to get to that 25% figure instead of the 5% they were getting, if the traffic went up to the 1,000 visitors they’d get 5 times the number of subscribers. The increase in traffic is a lot easier to get than getting the conversion rate up higher but when you convert extremely well then you don’t need as much traffic to reach your numbers. I hope that makes some sense to you right now.

We are programmed as humans to want the easy pain free options in life but these will only usually lead us to short terms successes if any success at all. Successful people tend to suppress their feelings of laziness because they know that this will be a major block on them ever achieving their goals.

You need to change your mind set to think life is more rewarding if you become productive and fill your time with new things that reward you with experience and skills that will help you to get to your goals. Lazing around watching tv on the sofa and waiting for something wonderful to happen has never worked aside from getting you demotivated and fixated on a lot of the things that don’t really matter in life.

Your life is what you make it. You need to understand that success is always something you can achieve if you really want to. Try to be more optimistic and abolish the type of habits and feelings that spoil your motivation and make you feel miserable.

Whatever it is you are trying to accomplish in your life, know that before you can go anywhere you have to believe in yourself that you can do it, whatever it is, you can do it, and when you put together a solid plan for how you want to get there, even if there may be a few blanks in place when you’re just getting started, you can fill some of these in as you go along and make any additions you need when you realise some of the other things you’ll have to do that weren’t apparent when you first made your plan. Keep the focus on the goals you have set and if you have to, move mountains to achieve them, keep that inner strength nice and high and always believe in yourself and your abilities. Some things will definitely scare the pants off you, but know that you have to overcome these to experience the next set of challenges on the way to your goals.

This world is a beautiful place and I always believe that when people are happy, this world becomes an incredible place to live. Remember, when you’re happy and someone around you isn’t, lift their spirits, make them feel happy and content and appreciative for what they do have in life. Being happy and grateful is contagious, so spread that message far and wide.

That’s all from me here on this mindset series of posts and as I said at the very beginning, I hope that you can take a lot from them and hope that you enjoyed reading about what I had to write.

I look forward to speaking with you all very soon.

Bye for now.