Continuing on the theme for the pursuit of real happiness in your life, today I want to look at the need to set goals in your life and the reasons behind why doing this is can help you tremendously when it comes to finding the happiness within that achieving these goals gives you.

One of my clear goals when I started my own business was that it was going to be something that I would move towards when moving away from the traditional paid employment that you get when you work for someone else. I can remember listening to a radio show early one morning before my works shift was due to start and it talked about how when you work for someone else or for a business that wasn’t your own then you were merely working towards the goals that had been laid out by the person who was in charge of the running of that business. The person who owned that business likely had a clear plan including goals that they wanted to achieve and you doing the work that you were doing were going to help be a part of them achieving that goal. The only trouble was from your own perspective, was whether or not this role you played was actually going to be a part of your own goal structure, and sadly for most, it wasn’t. For most it’s about getting some money in to make sure that your bills are paid and that you can put food on the table and more often than not people don’t think about their own personal development when they are working for someone else towards their business goals.

When you have employment and money coming in regardless of the volume of work that you do or that you achieve, it is extremely easy to get comfortable in that situation because you know that you are going to get paid at the end of the month whatever happens, at least that’s generally how it works for most people.

When you are running your own business you have a very different outlook on things especially when you know that if you don’t do a, b and c then you are not going to move any closer to x, y and z and by not moving closer to x, y and z then you are not going to bring in any money that’s going to cover your bases like the cost of living as well as meeting the running costs of your business too. When I started out online I would probably describe myself as being a bit of a ‘squirrel’, maybe a funny comparison but if you’ve ever sat down long enough to watch what a squirrel does then the words frantic and lack of direction will likely spring to mind and this is because squirrels tend to go 100 miles per hour at something but are frantic in the process which make them look as though they are not really sure what it is that they are doing but they know that they need to collect that nut that will provide them with a small snack so that they don’t go hungry.

Now when I look at how I structure my business I have a very clear plan about what I want to achieve each and every day as well as looking at what I need to have achieved, each week, each month and each year and all of these things to do collectively work towards the annual goal. In comparison to how things were when I started off, I knew what the end goal was at the start of my own business journey, as well as some of the steps I needed to take but the planning process was omitted because I felt like I could work it out as I went along and instead, I probably did a lot of things that weren’t completely necessary or helpful in my quest to achieve the end result that year. With the aid of daily goals, weekly goals and monthly goals being set and how each of these interlink, I am now much clearer with my goal setting and what I have to do to meet my targets.

One of the really amazing things I have been able to do this year is to offload some of my goals to another person who manages this very well as I have trained them to do everything that I needed them to do and they now do things a lot better than I actually did them meaning better results for my business and I have been able to leverage my own time to work on a step by step plan to move towards bigger goals for my business. Now this person is effectively helping me to achieve my own goals it really allows me to get a better insight of where my business can do things better because I have someone else managing a lot of other things that had been going on. Having someone else’s perception of how things are running internally helps give you a clearer plan when it comes to setting your goals and shows you things that you were unable to see before.

By breaking down your end result into smaller and more manageable steps, and then repeating this process again until you end up with micro bite sized tasks was the defining moment that has allowed my business to grow at a decent pace and when you can see the results come in based on the efforts you’ve put in gives you an incredible feeling inside that your business is doing something worthwhile.

If there’s one thing I want you take away from this post, it’s that you give yourself a clear set of goals to work towards and then you give yourself a clear and detailed plan of how you will get to achieve each particular goal. I don’t want you to be one of these people end up doing things they don’t enjoy all their life simply because they haven’t set themselves clear goals. Some of the most successful people I have studied over the last few years started out life with very little, almost nothing in some cases even going days without food because they couldn’t afford it and now, their wealth and their success means that this is something that they will never, ever have to worry about ever again.

Think about what you really want in life and set yourself step by step goals that lead you to achieve the things that will take you closer to that happy and fulfilled life that you deserve.