The fifth part of the mindset series talks about your goals again, but this time we are specifically looking at your level of focus when it comes to your goals and also your attention to detail when it comes to plotting all this out and getting stuck in to all the smaller individual elements that collectively make up the goal you should be focusing on completing.

I can remember not too long ago just sitting back and imagining all these big ideas in my head coming to fruition and me enjoying life to the maximum because I had achieved my end goal. In my ‘daydream’ I didn’t really know how I’d got to achieve whatever it was that I had achieved to make this ‘daydream’ become the happiest part of my thought process but what the heck, it didn’t matter, I was enjoying how all this made me feel, and how much more attractive, appealing and content my life had become as a result of my hitting my target. It’s all well and good until you open your eyes and see your reality for what it is and not this blissful situation or surrounding you drift off to when you close your eyes and zone out from the world in a moment or two of complete relaxation. That is at least how you look at it when you aren’t grateful for everything that you do already have in your life that’s good.

Something I learnt through some basic meditation I found online was about being able to harness the power of your thoughts by linking up the feelings you had in your trance like state of mind to something that you were grateful for that was already in your life. By doing this you would relate a particular item or person to those great thoughts you had in your ‘dream and would therefore be seeing more of the things that make you happy more of the time and you can literally do this with anything, though it did say not to do it with food, not unless it was the kind that was good for you. It’s probably not a good idea to associate white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water with a hamburger for instances, otherwise you could soon find yourself eating ten hamburgers a day to get that feeling the white sandy beach and clear blue water would give you. It’s okay to have times within your day to dream about how your life could be and what you’d like to accomplish but without clear goals and planned actions to take to achieve those goals nothing will happen. Learn to embody your thoughts and then you can work towards making them a reality.

I won’t bang on too much more about goal setting and that kind of thing but I really want you to understand just how important it really is to know exactly what you want and know exactly how to get there. You start with your end goal and then mark out each and every single step that you need to take to get there. If you think a single step is too small, write it down anyway, 100 small steps will definitely collectively make up a sizeable chunk of the journey to your end result so they are just as important as the bigger steps, you just need to make sure that every day you take a few more steps closer to your goal.

If you don’t have a plan of action that includes a sense of direction, then you will be nothing more than a ‘fart in the wind’ drifting endlessly without purpose or direction. I use that expression because that’s what I was called by a very close friend who lives the entrepreneurial life and this was a few years back when I first started to really consider the possibility of working for myself. It’s lucky he was a close friend else that conversation could have ended much differently.

So if you think that you are lacking direction or lacking a plan of any kind then this is your first step before you go any further. You need to know what your next goal is going to be and then plot out that journey and stick at it, give it your fullest level of concentration and go out there and make it happen. Be realistic with what you go after to begin with, and if you end goal is a big one, then plot out the smaller individual steps that collectively bring you to that goal.

This strategy of writing down your proposed plan of action has proven to be the most effective secrets to goal setting. Not much of a secret I know, but it seems that so many people don’t do this, and therefore it appears secretive by nature.

You know what you want in life now go out there and plan your way forward.

I’ll see you tomorrow for the last part of this blog series.