In this post, I hope to explain to you what email marketing is and essentially how we use it within our business to engage with our audience, which ultimately leads us to draw a profit from our loyal subscriber base.

In any business, it’s a good idea to communicate regularly with people who are interested in what your business has to say, the services your business provides and if done correctly can be a great tool to build a solid following, a trustworthy reputation and ultimately an audience to promote your products and services to should they wish to become customers of yours if they are not already.

What we have done over the years within our business and also helped other businesses do is firstly put in place the ability to collect subscriber data, so ultimately a physical process that allows interested parties to share their email address into an electronic system on our website that then enables us to send them emails whenever we want to share something with them. The electronic system we use on our websites is known in the industry as an autoresponder service. These autoresponder services play an essential part in our email marketing process which is in fact one of the most important elements to our online business. A subscriber list to an online business is a massive asset, and in many ways can dictate not only how successful the business will be, but also how much income the business is able to generate from it’s customers.

An autoresponder service for email marketing is generally a low running cost to incur, typically starting off at around $20 a month, depending on the type of business you run, 1 single customer can easily spend $20 a month a business on their products and services if the sell goods that get used up or need to be replaced on a monthly basis. So if you are in the market of lets say, beauty products, then it’s easy to assume that goods have a life cycle of a set period of time, or a number of uses before they ‘run out’ and they then need to be replaced, whether cycle is a month or less is irrelevant, as long as fresh offers can be presented alongside usual orders it again is likely to assume a regular spend could take place. Email marketing is a proven way to do this to get repeat sales from your customers as long as your offer remains competitive within the marketplace. I know personally for many years I ordered my personal hygiene products online and did so on either a monthly or bi-monthly schedule like clockwork.