A change of Autoresponder…


I hope this email reaches you well today.

What I have to say in this email is something that I have been meaning to do for a very long time and it kind of goes against the grain of what I have both been doing and promoting as a business practice for many years.

Since I started learning about and implementing online marketing methods back in 2011 I have always been an advocate of using an autoresponder service for all emails that go out from my business. I recommended to so many others that they do the exact same things as well and I did this for the right reasons, and I still in fact believe that this is the way to go, it just doesn’t fit what I do any more.

You see, for years I had built up campaigns and automated email series follow ups of probably hundreds of queued emails to be delivered in sequence to anyone whenever they joined a mailing list of mine.

Throughout that automated series of emails, I would share links with subscribers that would link back to my own content as well as to content shared by others including paid products and services.

Between Christmas and New Years of 2017 I dedicated some time to specifically go through each and every queued email I had ever written and I was mortified to find that so much of the information I had in my emails was wrong. From dead links to products and services that didn’t exist any more or were no longer on sale, the prices were completely wrong, someone had bought the business and changed its course of direction, just so many things that made me feel a complete fool, especially when some of the links to my own content didn’t work any more. You see in 7 years of building a business, things can change, the content I have control over has changed, so it’s easy to see why other business also change their stuff around too.

Automated emails done correctly and with up to date information in them linking to live stuff that’s accurate is a very easy way to make good money especially when what you are promoting is good, which I have always prided myself on being able to do. But when products stay stagnant, when they were good 3 years ago, they may not be anywhere near as effective today as they were then, so it doesn’t make sense to promote them any more and instead look at what’s live now, which can then make it difficult to automate anything.

I’ve always promoted the ability to simplify business as best you can without constantly chasing your tail and that’s why I decided to make the move from this element of automation even if it means my profits take a hit because I would rather construct an email like this each time something new comes out whether it’s my own creation or that of a trusted partner and send an email out that I know is live right now.

Introducing MailChimp

I’ve always liked MailChimp, and I’ve used it on many client website builds over the last 7 years and a few days ago I took the plunge of moving away from Aweber who’ve served my business so well in that time, and moved it all over to MailChimp on one of their simple plans to get started whilst paying a retainer on my Aweber account just in case I need to go back there at any point – I don’t anticipate this happening though.

I only plan on sending out broadcast emails rather than anything automated and I hope from the reasons above you can understand why I have decided to do this.

MailChimp has a great looking email builder, has good email deliverability, a really nice statistcal monitoring side to it, allows you to create landing pages and campaigns just to name a few of the great things that this does. Now I’m not saying for a minute that this is any different from the autoresponders, and this email isn’t designed to try and convert you to use mailchimp instead, or a way for me to get an affiliate commission if you do make a switch yourself, but instead, purely informational about my business activity.

Here’s a link to MailChimp should you wish to check it out, it’s not an affiliate link, just a direct link to their page.

Thank you for the time taken to read this email today.

All the best,
Steve Thomas
CEO & Founder of the Evergreen Marketing Academy