The last few months of working online with a number of businesses has been quite frankly very rewarding and very draining at the same time. It kind of took it’s toll on me and made me fall out of love working with clients that weren’t overly passionate about what they were doing. This in some funny kind of way, why I’m not sure,  made me more passionate and more excited about what I will be able to bring here inside the Evergreen Marketing Academy to those of you here that are passionate about what you do and what you have to give to your respective marketplaces.

Many of you know that my background is mostly in web design but also includes substantive amounts of work in sales and marketing both offline as well as online. Web design is and always has been a passion of mine because you can really help people bring their ideas to life inside their own website. A lot of web design is too technical for the masses and I must admit that there have been so many changes in code and development as well as there being potentially so much more that you can do, I don’t do any of this myself anymore because it gives me a headache. Instead I employ the skills of someone who’s first language is closer to code than it is English. My focus is using the skills and experience that I have acquired over the years, including being a ‘people person’ to bring the clients into the business and making sure the professional experience they have with us is all that they could hope for and then some more and the end result does everything they need it to.

A client that we have currently formed a long term partnership with are at the forefront of software production within the marketing space. They are literally behind the success of so many products it was quite eye opening to be introduced to their inventory a few short months ago. They bring in so much expertise in the areas of social media, logo and graphic design, video marketing, content production, the list just goes on and have made multiple millions of dollars in the last few years and built customer bases in the hundreds of thousands. The opportunity to work with this particular company was simply a very easy decision to make when the proposal was presented to me, a contract in the form of simple English where it was clearly laid out the roles and responsibilities of each of us as partners and the deal was sealed over a lunch in a nice restaurant. I’m a bit of a foodie, so you knew this was a good move on their part.

I’ll post some more details on here in the coming weeks and months as things develop.