Hey everyone, I hope you are all well reading this latest entry into our blog, man it’s been far too long since we’ve actually written anything here and we sincerely apologise for this.

Its been a long few months of working away behind the scenes on a number of different projects that we have had a hand in. We’ve been a part of some pretty exciting launches, we’ve been working hard for local businesses to improve their social media branding and awareness, we’ve built a few membership sites under a new business banner (more on this to follow soon). The list does go on and on and unfortunately we kind of neglected this site a little, we have had a number of emails go out this last few months about things that have been unmissable and we’ve delivered some video content to certain subscriber lists linked to this site depending on their involvement with us in the past.

We’re making a pledge to be far more active than we have been with this particular site because it’s honestly what brings us the most enjoyment and that’s purely down to what we help our clients achieve and when you guys get results it makes this whole business worthwhile.

We’ve got plans to release to you a number of free templates from html squeeze pages to optimize press page templates that we ourselves have created and used, we’ve got a bunch of free training video series that we’ve produced over the last few months and we’re even clearing out days within our working schedule to jump on some skype calls with members every week to help you progress with what you are doing.

Our analytics show that we are still getting hundreds of hits to our site from all around the world every single week and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for continuing to support us and again, making this whole business worthwhile and we will repay you for that thanks.

Okay, that’s it from us for today, keep an eye out for more content coming here very soon.