Hey you! I want to wish you a Happy New Year!

Today, New Years Day is often a very reflective time of the year where you contemplate where you’ve been and what you’ve accomplished throughout the year before, as well as the targets you set that you didn’t quite meet for whatever reason. Maybe your health this year hasn’t been so good and you want to turn things around going forward, start habits, break habits, New Years Day is often the time we get a rush of emotion run through us as we reflect on the last 365 days.

New Years Day is also the time of leaving 2017 behind and marking the start of a new journey and chapter in your life and it’s where we welcome to the stage the year 2018.

For some of us I’m sure that the last year has been an amazing adventure, filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, a time filled with things that we want to learn from, a year where things happened that we simply just want to forget, and many opportunities where we count ourselves as lucky because of all the things we have in life that we can be grateful for.

Whatever your story was for 2017, I have 2 questions for you going into 2018.
1. Are you able to use the many lessons you learnt in 2017 to empower you in 2018?
2. Can you turn your past to wisdom from this point onward?

It’s true, we often learn more from failure than we do from success, I’m walking proof. I’ve made poor choices in my life, I’m sure we all have, there is no handbook, no guidance, we do things based on gut instinct even when we think we have it all worked out, life still has it’s own plans for you, and some of that you have no control over.

What I can tell you though, is that what you do have control over, are your own actions and something I have learnt over the last year is that your past does not define who you are, it is your present, the here and now. It’s all about what you do from this point moving forward, grab a hold of what you can control and take control of that.

I’ve also learned that we all need help once in a while and it’s okay to ask for it. This year for me personally has been very testing, I’ve learnt so much more about myself than I could have ever expected, including my own ability to self-sabotage when things weren’t quite going to the plan I had made. I was only able to gain control again once I had asked for the help I thought for some time that I didn’t need. It’s about being honest with yourself, shutting out the distractions and really listen to what your mind is telling you. It’s okay to be vulnerable, in fact I think a certain level of vulnerability keeps you grounded.

This year going forward I have decided to make many changes personally and professionally, I am going to take a lot more risks, put myself out there a lot more and always remembering that it’s okay to be a little vulnerable. I want to push myself like never before, I want to step outside of what has been that comfort level after hovering near it for so long and I want you to try and do the same.

If you have a passion, a love for something, if you have experience or knowledge in something that’s valuable, I want you to explore the possibility of sharing that with others, I want you to pay it forward and feel the benefits that sharing such life experiences can bring not only to others but to you too.

I’ll be behind you every step of the way and I will do what I can do to help you get the most out of 2018. Each and everyone of you reading this has a way of getting in touch with me. If you are reading this on social media and you want to talk, message me, if you are reading this on my blog or business website, hit the contact button and send me a message.

For 2018, be yourself, be vulnerable, take chances, live life.

I look forward to seeing how great you can make this next year.