Today I want to tackle a very popular subject at the moment that relates to pricing points for the products and services you and your business delivers online.

This for me was quite an obstacle to overcome when I was preparing to launch my very first digital training product to the marketplace. Now although my circumstances may be a little bit different from many others out there in the sense that I already had an audience that I had planned to market my product to and I wasn’t reliant on affiliate traffic being sent to my product page, the principles of what I want to talk to you about here in this post today remain the same.

When I put together my WordPress for Beginners training course I spent a lot of time reviewing existing products within the marketplace to understand what other products covered in terms of their training materials, how long their videos were, that’s if there were videos at all, were there downloadable audio files, did the product come with pdf instructions too or was the whole training course a pdf and did it have a video version as an upsell. So many different thoughts went through my mind and so many products out there that already did what my product was going to do and then you always have the thought in your mind that says, well if there are others selling this course, does the marketplace need my course at all, as well as another thought which is now more closely linked to how my mindset works right now and that was, how do I make my course more unique and better than all the rest out there in terms of what value I could deliver to the customer.

Now although I have recorded most of my pricing trials and testing I haven’t as of yet put that information together in a document that would be easy to follow or to understand, in fact, I don’t really ever see myself doing this especially to release to the public, rather just something I can refer to as I need to.

A few days ago I received an email from MunchEye, now for those of you that don’t know who or what that is, it’s basically a website that product creators use to advertise their upcoming product launches to affiliates that are looking for something to promote. It’s a hugely popular website and one that I will use every time I have a product being released and it’s one that I recommend you use as well.

Now back to the email I received from MunchEye. They’ve have been carefully recording the results they have had at different pricing points from product launches and this is definitely something you are going to want to read so that you can have a better understanding of the pricing points and how you can position your own future products.

This amazing article can be found here: Digital Product Pricing

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