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We are a team made up of multiple specialist skills in the digital marketing space from website design and development specifically around e-learning and digital training websites through to graphic design and branding awareness services, social media marketing, lead generation to name just a few over arching topics and areas of business.


Content is King when it comes to designing and building the layout and fill of a website’. It plays a massive role in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

As a business getting online, you should focus a great deal of your effort into ensuring that your website displays or shares first class content for your website. The content you add to your website should be varied and include videos, relevant news/information and high-resolution imagery to make your as polished as it can be. Users of websites like to have a good experience when on the site and if they get that, it will help ensure you keep your users on your website for longer and that they come back time and time again.


Build it and they will come may have worked a long time ago when the world wide web was still in its infancy but today, the competition is fierce and your website if not done correctly initially and through ongoing efforts will be just another drop in the ocean.

You need to build a presence and visibility through digital marketing campaigns including SEO, social media and email marketing to name a few but just to have a website online is not going to be enough.


It is important to have a visually impressive website across all devices (functionality is a given first). Throughout the site and it’s versions on different devices, you must maintain your brand image. Your website must reflect who you are as a business, and visually connect with the audience you are presenting the site to.


In our early days of web design working with a leading digital agency we were given the strongest and most accurate statement that still sticks in our preparation of website builds today. That advice was that “great usability will never be noticed by the end user, but bad usability instantly stands out”. Your website must be easy for the user to navigate, intuitive, accessible and in 2021, it needs to be mobile-friendly too.

During the design and mapping phase, with our combined experience, you of your business and us with the website design and development, we try to anticipate what your visitors are thinking when on your website and help build in elements that will help them to fulfill their needs on your site with as little effort as possible.


Your website must engage with your audience, grab and hold their attention, direct them through the stages of your website and finally encourage them to contact you about your services or go on to buy your products if that is one of the key goals for your website.

Your website isn’t just there for show, it is there to help you generate leads, increase sales and grow your business so ensure your website engages with your visitors in the correct way.

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