About Us

The Evergreen Marketing Academy aims to simplify online marketing, beautifully.

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

Founder & CEO

Our Story

The business was set up in late 2011 as a means to handle web client related work following a period of freelance work with clients from all around the globe. There was much additional work raised fby clients that tapped into many other business practices such as social media marketing, corporate and brand identity, business administration and promotional materials, email marketing practices to name just a few.

Over the years putting each of these elements into practice frequently, it became apparent that there was a lot of demand for these kind of services, either for entrepreneurial people and sole traders through to small and medium size business, wanting to know how these processes worked and where they could learn the processes involved to get up and running, how to maintain and even how to scale up the results being generated as well as the need for a ‘done for you’ kind of service where we would be contracted to go in and execute a particular piece of work either for a single up front investment in the company or where we charged an ongoing management fee based upon company profits.

What makes us who we are as a business?

A Digital Agency

Website design development and administration, lead generation and email marketing, social media branding, everything under one roof.

Forward Thinking

Acquiring information about future development within online marketing and building a process to help small business stay ahead of their competition.

Problem Solvers

No problem is ever to big to overcome, we have vast experience in the industry and take a proactive approach in understanding the challenges you face.

Customer Focused

First class customer support is something we pride ourselves on. We also aim to help you understand why we are helping you in a particular way.